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Snail creamy moisturizing face foaming cleanser: Review

Snail creamy moisturizing face foaming cleanser: Review

🙂My experience in using this product

🙂Why i like this product
Because Snail cream moisturizing facial foam cleaser can repair your damage skin. It makes your skin

🐌clean and fresh

🙂Product Content
Contains snail secretion filtrate, mild refreshing texture, gently massage, bubble delicate rich, clean the face of excess oil and dirt, cleaning the same time, replenish moisture balance of water and oil, leaving skin watery fresh, clean and not tight.

🙂Product description
The snail secretion provides moisturizing and nutrition on the skin to increase the skin elasticity.
In addition, the moisturizing ingredients, hyaluronic acid provides sufficient moist on the skin to make soft and moist skin.

The snail secretion increase skin flexibility and make the skin soft.
Also, it calms the skin, which is exhausted from the external stimuli, and the moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and other extracts prevents the skin irritate the skin, such as paraben, TEA, mineral oil, etc. to minimize any possibility of skin acne
and to increase the absorbency.

🙂How to use
Usage: After wetting skin, take adequate water after lathering with circular method in the face. Gently massage for a while, and can be cleaned by water.

🙂Product price
220php to 250php

Product Rating

🙂Where you can buy them

Snail Moisturizing facial foaming wash



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