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Andrea Hair Growth Essence: Review

💁🏻We try it before u buy👍🏻

I tried Andrea Hair Growth Essence, its realy good in to my hair! 🙂 for ten consecutive days of using this product i noticed that my hair looks shiny, soft and manegable! And lessen hair fall..
also my dandruff gone. Its makes my hair stright and thick, it doesnt look like frizzy hair anymore!!! 💁🏻it helps to make hair grow 7x faster than usual ordinary hair growth.

Note: it also helps peaople who have grey hair problem, its turns your grey hair in to black hair.

You need Andrea if your hair grows slowly, brittle, dry, tangles easily and dull.

🌀 used for:
*Hair growth
*Deep conditioning treatment
*Reduces friction in the hair
*Head lice treatment
*Nourishes the hair
*Reduces hair loss
*Promotes healthy hair cell growth
*Reduces hair frizz
*Hair softening and smoothening of
the hair texture.
*Prevents hair breakage
*Scalp treatment
*Darkening of the hair
*Beard/moustache growth
*Itchy scalp.

How to use: mix andrea hair growth essence in to 100 ml shampoo. Any shampoo will do. Massage your hair with the mixture of shampoo and essence for 2 to 3 minuits everyday.

Where you can buy?

20ml andrea essence: 250pesos
100ml hair growth shampoo: 100pesos
50ml castor oil: 150pesos


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