Just a reminder to those applying to be a MISTRESS

Just a reminder to those applying to be a MISTRESS… 💩💩💩

1. You better make sure the guy you’re flirting with will soon be a loyal man to you after winning the battle from his legal wife/lifetime partner.

2. Wrecking a home of an innocent ones is UNFORGIVEN. 

3. If flirting is your career, make sure you earn a billion of it in life while you live. 

4. If you lose all your moral values and faith pray hard of a peaceful death. 

5. Flirt and cheat till death but you can never cheat GOD. 

🤦🏻‍♀️A reminder to the broken wives:

1. Stay silent. Always find peace in your heart and a room of forgiveness to your cheating husbands.

2. Pray for your husband and your family, its the only thing you can do. Because prayer is most powerful to defeat your marriage shortcomings. 

3. Don’t mind his doings.. let him be. After all, real man do not allow themselves to be stolen… 

4. Refer to #1. Your silence will make them kill their conscience.

When u ignore the doings of the mistress it kills them. They are persistent to ruin a relationship because they can’t get a decent man to love them that’s why they ended as a whore. Marriage is indeed for better or for worse. Cheating husbands is our worst nightmare. But we need to help them, pray for them that they’ll be enlightened. For as long that they (husbands) won’t let go of us then there’s a big chance for reconciliation and forgiveness, then happy endings.


2 thoughts on “Just a reminder to those applying to be a MISTRESS

  1. The last thing I did was pray for him….I kicked him out. Took control. And now take the piss out of men. Bitter and nasty you might say…..but Iv never been happier!


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