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Glutasure Slim 17 in 1: Full Review

I am looking for slimming product then i saw Glutasure slim trending in social media sites because of the fast effect of the product, Then I order 1 box of Glutasure Slim online, i received the product early as i was expected, and i am so excited to try it.. i drink it before bedtime because i saw some feedback that it is best to drink at night before bedtime, so it will give effect in the morning, and that’s true, when i woke up i felt something in my tummy, its weird! And i need to go to the bathroom to use the toilet, o my goodness!! This juice flush away all the fats, cholesterol and toxins inside my body, i feel better after flushing away all the unnecessary things inside my body. I dont feel constipated and bloated anymore! And after drinking 1box of Glutasure Slim i lose four kilos, from 54kilos to 50kilos, i will continue drinking Glutasure slim to stay fit and healthy inside and glow outside, because it is also have the whitening effect.

Before and after

🍃What I Like

I really like the taste of this juice drink, it is so refreshing! And i like the effect of this juice, it helps me to fights constipation. And i dont even felt bloated anymore. It is Also good for detox!!! i love detoxifying my body it remove toxins

Here are some of benefits of detoxification that’s why i like it so much!
✔️Lose weight

✔️Clear skin

✔️Makes skin whiter

✔️Remove acne and pimple

✔️Remove toxins

✔️Clean colon

✔️Boost immunity

✔️Boost energy

✔️Boost metabolism

✔️Better digestion

✔️Sleep better

✔️Better health

✔️Decrease body odor

✔️Decreased need for meducation

✔️Better mental, emotional and spiritual health

✔️flush cholesterol out

🍃What i dont like

I go to the toilet 2 to 3x a day every time i drink Glutasure Slim, but i still buy this product because its helps me to clean my colon and detox my body. And boost my energy level.


🍃Product Content

Each sachet contains 17 powerful ingredients:


Sodium Ascorbate


Alpha Lipoic Acid


Vitamin E


Garcinia Cambogia

Korean Ginseng


Green Tea Extract


Rosehip Extract


Acai Berry



🍃Product description

10 sachet / box

20g per sachet

Glutasure Slim 17 in 1 it is a slimming and whitening juice drink in one! It is good for detoxify the body, it taste like a honey lemon with apple flavor and green tea extract, It contains useful herbs that are very effective for losing excess fats. Glutasure Slim helps to boost immune system, fights constipation and decomposes neutral fats to give you a slim and fit body, and gives visible glow, it also whitens the skin at the same time.


Prepare 20g Of Glutasure Slim juice powder to a glass of 200ml cold water, Stir well untill all contents are evently dissolved. It is best to drink at night after meal or before bedtime.

🍃Benefits :

There are Lots of benefits that you can get when you drink Glutasure Slim juice drink.

-Skin Whitening




-Immune Booster

-Anti Oxidant

🍃Where you can buy them

“Online store”

🍃Product price

380 to 480 pesos price range it defends on where you buy.


Product Rating

I give 5 star for this product because it helps me to lose weight fast.


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