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Drinking lemon water daily

I drink lemon water every day, for almost 3 years. every morning i prepare warm water in a cup with lemon to start up my day, 

because Drinking lemon water daily ensures my body gets a good amount of vitamin C daily, and lemon water helps me to lose weight because it is a good source of antioxidant. This is my favorite befinits that we can get in lemon,,, Lemon contains anti-oxidants that fight skin blemishes and prevent wrinkles. Therefore, lemon juice will not only make you have a glowing skin, it can also help you look younger. Drinking water whether hot or cold, infused with lemon, or plain also helps keep our metabolism humming. If you’ve been experiencing digestion problems, lemon water will be of great help.

 Lemon have a lot of benefits in the body Thats why Lemon water is the perfect morning drink for anyone who wants to stay healthy and strong. It also boost my energy, Some times i used lemon juice to My scars to reduce their appearance on my skin.
My day is not complete without a lemon. 


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