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Paradise Coffee Scrub: Full Review

🙂My experience using this product..

Hi guys im here again to share my experience using the arabica coffee scrub brand Paradise made in Thailand.

I love the scent of this coffee scrub, it has a scent of real coffee obviously! I used paradise coffee scrub 3x a week as recommended. This scrub is so powerful It helps to remove dead skin cells and help moisturize my skin to become more radiant and smooth. I used it also on my face, It cleans my skin deeply By the time I finished scrubbing it all over my body, and i noticed that my skin was seriously smoother and it become whiter than i expected after several times using coffee scrub. and i found the scrub made my skin super soft like baby skin. And now its time to purchased another one, because im running out of my coffee scrub…  

🙂Product Content

Net Content : 50 g.

Registered number. FDA Thai approved 10-1-5824036

Made in Thailand

🙂Product description

Although coffee has several benefits as a beverage, it may be used as a body scrub as well. A study conducted in Korea found that the caffeic acid found in coffee grounds can significantly affect anti-inflammatory activity and skin wound healing. And it remove dead skin cells and repair rough skin. 

coffee beans contain caffeic acid which help boosts collagen production. 

great exfoliator for excessive cellulite and help stimulate blood flow and tighten skin.

lighten skin tone. The caffeine in coffee enhance blood circulation which in turn reduce puffiness and swelling on face and leads to a more radiant and glowing complexion.

smoothen and tighten skin texture. This is due to coffee is diuretic and able to draw away fluid from fat cells and achieve cells tightening effects.

soften skin texture as coffee can prevent clogged pores.

according to researchers, topically using caffeine can help to protect against some skin cancers at the molecular level by inhibiting the growth of a protein enzyme in skin. Meanwhile,it has the effect of protecting your skin from melanoma by reducing harmful UV exposure.

reduce eye bag temporarily due to its caffein effect of dehydrating water from cells

🙂How to use 

During the showers used coffee grounds all over your body and face (like lotion)

use 2-3 times a week only
massage to your skin 3-5 mins before you rinse with clean water. Coffee grounds will help cellulite gradually faded and make your skin soft clean and lighten.

🙂Benefits of this product

-This Paradise Coffee body scrub 

-help soft


-tightening skin

-reduce cellulite

-goodbye elbow


-groin and various marks

-Eliminates pimples

-reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin 

-tighten pores

🙂What i like

Fast result and the scent of real coffee

🙂What i dont like 

Only 50g i want more grams :>

And also the color “i dont like it” but still i like this product.

🙂Where to buy 

You can puchased it online and this online store offers whole price.

Thailand products supplier

🙂Poduct price 150 to 250
Depends on where you purchased the product

🙂⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Product Rating

Highly recommended! This is awsome skin care product from Thailand and I give 4 star over five! Cheers!!! 


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