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Vampire Soap: Full Review

Hi guys!! Im here to share with you my experience using Vampire Soap! One of the best selling soap from Thailand.
We all know that Thailand skin care products are really effective and the hottest selling brand nowadays.” 💕 they have many variants of skin care products you can choose from, dont worry i will help you to choose what is the best variant of skin care or soap that is best for you.

Here is my full Review for Vampire Soap. If you are looking for whitening soap Vampire Soap is all you need it helps Whitens the dark areas such as armpits, groin, knees, elbows etc…

Vampire soapI will upload some of my before and after photo using Vampire soap, im just using my cellphone to take photos, i did not use any kind of filter or edit apps for me to see the real result.

I dont know why they call it vampire soap, its kinda weird.. At first i thought this is just like an ordinary whitening soap, but i was so amazed when i first try this soap. I thought i need to count days or weeks to see the whitening effect of this soap. But in my first time using vampire soap i noticed the effectivity of this product. It’s lighten my skin in instant. Before im just using this soap in my face, but Now i used this in my whole body to prevent discoloration of my skin.


Color red soap
80g Original 100%

Soap concentrate vampire (super soap) ~ formula.

Compounds in the skin peeling mixture of oil rose AHA glutathione concentration and nano white to boost the skin to 6 Levels.

FDA Thailand 10-15743219


Coconut Oil, Glutathione,Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Milk, Perfume, AHA, Oat Extract, Alpha Arbutin, Glycolic Acid, Fragrance, Hydrogenatec Palm, Kernel Oil, Olive Oil


Super Whitening Soap

Resolves skin sunburn

Whitens the dark areas such as armpits, groin, knees, elbows

Gives a healthy white natural glow on skin.

HOW TO USE? Use as a Regular Bath Soap. Lather and Leave for 3-5minutes. Rinse thoroughly and Pat Dry.

PACKAGING: I like it simple Nice and cute!

WHERE TO PURCHASE? Many online store selling this product but if you want to buy whole sale Thailand product you can contact this online store.

 “Thailand Products Supplier”

PRICE: The price of Vampire soap is defends on where you purchased it. The retail price range of this product is starting at 75 to 100 pesos SRP


I will give 5 star over 5 for this product. Highly recommended!! Tried and tested!

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Thanks!! 😉💕


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